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If your goal is to become a technical recruiter, now is the best time. The technical industry is booming with new job opportunities. For the last few years we’ve been suffering a shortage of good candidates on the market. With fewer candidates the need to engage passive candidates is how you're going to stand out from the other recruiter's noise.

Why add technical to your recruiting toolbelt?

Taking our training to learn technical and how to apply it to recruiting will introduce techniques to engage and drastically increase your candidate response rates. The knowledge we train you with will make you comfortable talking about the day to day operations of your candidates role as well as asking proper questions to pull more information out of your candidates experience. Gone are the days of missing closing a candidate properly because you only talked about what you were confident in understanding.

Technical Where do you start?

You start with registering for our next training today! It's as easy as that. Our next training will be one day each week for two hours. We provide food and drink and you come prepared knowing that you're off to a new start in technical understanding taught specific for recruiting.

Is speaking tech easy?

Short answer. No. Our trainers are paired up with industry professionals who have years of experience. Not only do we have engineers who became technical recruiters, they are also leading many of your weekly sessions. So to learn how to speak tech easy, we make all the hard years go away and deliver what you need to know to advance your career confidently and accurately. You will be speaking tech. We'll make it easy.

Submittal to Hire Ratios?

"We need better candidates, closer to the mark. We're going to pass."

Maybe you've heard this before with a technical candidate. We are reducing this response and getting you closer to closing on your next candidate. Our training makes all the recruiting steps along the way more efficient from the start, during, and on the close. Your submittal to hire ratio will come as close to a 1:1 as the industry can expect.

You will get the most out of our training.

This course is for aspire to learn more about technology and the types of positions that are built around the environments that companies adopting into, and gain confidence in knowing what you are talking about. We have found there are a couple of different type of students that we attract.

Non-technical Recruiters

Non-technical recruiters who are looking to learn how to technical recruit. You will have hands on practice with standby candidates from the roles you are learning. You’ll be partnered with a team that is a mix of experienced students.

Technical Recruiters

For you current technical recruiters who are looking to refine their understanding, learn about the latest updates as well as changes in the tools of your candidates. Be fooled no more - you’ll be equipped with understanding to filter out those candidates that weren’t quite the bar. End are the days of “We’ll pass” responses without understanding how to ask for more details with the right questions centered around being more accurate on the next submittal.

Aspiring Engineers

So you’ve been considering getting into the technical industry. You’ve peered through the books, researched the industry from the internet and yet you are puzzled at where to start. This 12 week course will walk you through each of the technical roles in the industry. You’ll learn old and new technologies and where they are headed next. Best yet, you’ll see the industry as a whole and have questions answered by those who recruit for the industry as well as teachers who come from the industry to teach you first hand what they do and why.