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We train your recruiters to more accurately find technical candidates.

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Have a need to train your whole team?

That's right. We will even discount multiple seats that you could want your team trained on. If you want a private session where we come to your work place. We'd be happy to discuss that with you. Let us schedule sometime today to discuss.

How much you can be saving

The cost of hiring a technical recruiter in addition to your current recruiter is costly. Outsourcing to an agency can cost you 18% or higher. Our training can deliver the same technical confidence to your team for a fraction of the price.

Is recruiter turn-over starting to cost you?

Whether you're a corporation or an agency, investing in an employee is far more than their salary. One of the top reasons for employees leaving were their lack in feeling like their company invested in them. If technical knowledge is where your team could use a boost, we you covered. Your team will thank you for building them up and valuing your team through education.

Not finding technical candidates quick enough?

We are in a competitive market for technical candidates. Our training delivers insight into the technologies that your candidates are embracing. We teach the technology around the job titles and what you should be using as a basis to understand your candidates better. Your sourcing abilities will have a boost each week that our training delivers the latest on how to spot value in your candidate early enough in the search.

Why technical?

Everything is moving to the cloud. Technology is here to stay. Many new jobs coming onto the market have technical demands that you'll need to have an understanding of. We train you to have that understanding and be able to draw communicating with hiring managers and technical candidates.

Are you an agency?

Agency turn over is from managing on the metrics. Are you hiring and firing recruiters for their numbers. Stop wasting money invested in new recruiters every few months. Train your recruiters with us and their sourcing to screen ratio will increase, their submittal to hire ratio is where the performance will increase the most. You'll wonder why this inefficiency wasn't caught sooner. We train your team on technical.

Invest in your team.

You hired your recruiters for the value they could bring to your team. Grow that value and send them to our technical recruiter training. We're not teaching recruiting, but rather technical for recruiters. Technical demands for technology roles are increasing and the stay in your game - learning how to talk with these people about what they do is crucial. We make it comfortable and easy for you.