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accurate technical recruiters.

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Build Confidence

When engaging a candidate in conversation, you talk about what you know in the job description. If you aren’t familiar with the technology you are recruiting for, then you won’t discuss the detail needed to filter and qualify the candidate. Our trainings equip you with the technical knowledge to be confident in your ability to discuss a candidate’s tech experience and be certain your candidate is a fit.

Improve Accuracy

Guessing is out. We're going to train you in the technologies needed to better understand a technical job req and how to ask the right questions about the position. On the candidate side, you'll talk tech with confidence and face it - Better quality means more accurate results.

Hire Faster

Bottom line, you will learn to change how you find candidates. Your interviews can be evaluated quicker and on point. Your hiring manager is going to love that you are more accurate. Your process just got more efficient. I bet you weren't measuring that metric.

The technical recruiting process begins with you and stays on track because of you. Having poorly filtered candidates burns up time for all involved in the interviews.

You're not a Technical Recuiter

You can’t miss it. The tech industry has been in growth mode since 2008. The unemployment rate in tech is less than 1% while the rest of the country is much higher.

Our training will deliver the knowledge needed to advance your career into an industry that is stable, an industry that pays the best when it comes to salaries and commissions, which means you’ll make more money!

The demand for technical candidates is greater than the number on the market so you’ll be in an industry where you’ll need to engage the passive candidate after some research and before getting a response. These candidates know their value and are being contacted by many recruiters every day. How are you going to send a message that you’re different? Our training will deliver the knowledge you need to confidently discuss the tools of their toolset, the projects they worked on, and make your hiring manager super unicorn happy. You’ll become more engaging!

You're a Technical Recuiter

Congratulations! You're in one of the fastest moving industries.

Our training brings in industry professionals paired up with our trainers to guide you through the latest technologies, how technologies are being applied real time, expected changes, market directions, and overviews of what the popular job titles are and what's to come

Done are the role playing days. We are offering real activities, real candidates, and real world scenarios to walk you through growing in confidence with the latest technologies, more accuracy in your submittals, and faster at filling the technical positions doing less work. Review our courses today!